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  • PLUM


    It belongs to the Rosaceae family, and to the genus Prunus. It is a fruit with bone inside, rounded or elongated, with colors that can be yellow, green, red, lilac or rosacea.
    They are very nutritious and rich in vitamin C. Its pulp, with a firm and juicy texture Has a sweet taste and acid at the same time with a very pleasant aroma.

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    It belongs to the same lineage as the nectar.
    The skin is velvety or velvety (main difference with nectarine), its colors range from yellow, orange, white or red. Very aromatic, pulp very sweet and pleasant.
    Inside you will find a bone inedible.

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    Also belonging to the Rosaceae family, it is even the same botanical variety as the peach, the fruit being the only difference that characterizes them.
    It has a very fine, smooth and shiny skin, from orange to red. Very sweet and turgid pulp, the color of the pulp can range from white, yellow or orange.
    Inside you will find a non-edible bone.

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  • PEAR


    It also belongs to the Rosaceae family.
    Fruit of an elongated shape, similar to the pommel of a conical door. Skin very fine and smooth of green color, turning to yellow as soon as the fruit ripens.
    Of very firm pulp, very juicy and its soft and refreshing flavor makes them very soft and appetizing.In its interior we can find few And small black seeds.

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    It belongs to the family of the Brasicaceae, the main interest of this plant are the various fleshy floral heads and green to blue-green that forms.
    It has a thick edible stem.
    Can remind us of cauliflower. High in vitamin C and E.

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